Our Website Design Process

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Responsive Fast Professional Web Design
Responsive Fast Professional Web Design

When it comes to design, I understand what it takes to create a functional website with the client's voice that meets their business goals and looks great on all devices.

Getting to Know You

No two business are alike. Your website should reflect the uniqueness of your business. My website design process starts by getting to know you and your business. You and I will complete a discover document together. In it I'll learn your business type, details, products, services, audience, and vision. Keyword SEO research will be completed base on our discovery session.

Designing and Launching Your Website

Once I've learned about your business and objectives, we'll share design options. If you have sites with features you like, those can be incorporated into your site's design. You will receive a design preview for your approval. The preview will reflect the colors, theme and layout for your site. Once the site preview is a approved, I can add your content and images to the site. If you don't have any, I can provide all the content and images for your site. After content and images are placed, I will complete on-site SEO using today's best practices and your site will be ready to launch!

Building An Ongoing Marketing Plan

Getting traffic to your new website requires consistent, ongoing marketing efforts. Depending on your business, this can take the form of PPC, Content Marketing, Blogging, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, print campaigns and more. Having a strategy for driving traffic to your site, engaging prospects and clients, capturing leads and follow up procedures will all be important to your sites success.

It's important to build and implement a successful blogging strategy. YoCoLLY Marketing can help! Choose What's Best for Your Business! Do-It-Yourself  > Done For You  >  Training & Consulting.

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