How & Why a By the Hour Plans Works

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Custom Hours Give you the Consistency You Need to Dominate Your Market

Is SEO dead? Nope! Just different. To be more accurate, the internet is smarter. Gone are the days of black hat tricks and keyword stuffing used in the past to boost your website rankings. Google is the main driver of this change. In an attempt to help search engine users find the most relevant information, the rise of search on social media and because there are only so many spots available "on the first page of Google", it's has become critical that search results bring back the most relevant information each time.

SEO and Marketing Have Changed

Voice searches like Amazon Alexa and mobile searches have also played a part in changing the game. Well ... it's not so much a game anymore at all. It's more about the facts. Just the facts. Businesses need to keep information about their location, products, service, specials, events, and more updated. The best way to do this today is story telling, connecting with influencers, engaging with audiences and showing off your unique brand.

Help to Stay Ahead of the Curve

Many small businesses don't have a dedicated marketing person or department to do the heavy lifting. I can build and implement a marketing plan based on your budget with a custom hour monthly subscription plan. Custom hours marketing plans can consist of:

Web Design or Website Maintenance

Blogging/Content Creation

Social Media Management

Social Medial Marketing

Web Design or Website maintenance

Graphic Design

Business Printing & Print Campaigns

Directory Listing Management

Per Click Campaigns

Reputation Management/Reviews

Strategy and Analytics

And other services needed to continuously market your businesses based on goals and objectives.

How to Get Started

The first step in the process is a chat. I like to get to know you and your business. Next, choose a custom hours plan from 10 to 40 hours per month. I'll build a plan, set up accounts/profiles/sites and assets needed to implement the plan. Lastly, your custom marketing plan will be managed, analyzed and tracked monthly.

It's that easy to get all your marketing task completed!

Contact us today to start or learn more about a Custom Hours Marketing Plan.

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